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The Coquette Jazz Band is the newest striking phenomenon from jazz world of Vienna. they already performed on several of Europe’s leading festivals like the Jazzland in Vienna, Upside Down in Ghent, Maribor SF, Amsterdam LX, Brussels LX or the JTheCoquetteJazzBand_63-removebg-previewazz Capital Festival in Hungary.

Thanks to the popular melodies the band can be a great introduction for jazz newcomers and with their experiences and finely tuned sound an impressive showcase to please long-time fans of the music.

The main profile of the ensemble became the 1930’s 1940’s danceable hot-swing music and the sound of the Dixieland “revival” era. Their goal is to bring joy to the audience by bringing back the music of the Golden-age of jazz, therefore, you can find many famous songs and arrangements by Fats Waller, John Kirby, Bix Beiderbecke, Count Basie, Ruby Braff, Louis Armstrong or Duke Ellington.

You might as well find something new at their performances since they are not afraid of coming up with their own arrangements, ideas.


“…It consist of very good young musicians who are playing this music from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s with a joy that is quite infectious. Interesting choice of material, for instance, the beautiful “Little White Lies” sung by Elina Viluma, one of the rarer Fats Waller pieces, “Yacht Club Swing”. Great choices of material from those eras, “Mood Indigo”, “Air Mail Special”, “Rose Room”. All goodies. I guarantee you will have a fun time listening to The Coquette Jazz Band…”

Michael Abene



“…I was pleasantly surprised to become acquainted with The Coquette Jazz Band, a formation of young musicians that continues to play this style at a very high level. Based in Vienna, Austria, all the members of this group master their instrument and listen to the pioneers of jazz. This, combined with their excellent arrangements, enthusiasm and passion for the music, will assure them a place among the best jazz bands in Europe…”

Frank Roberscheuten


“…They share the same passion and motivation to play jazz… I love seeing these young players show respect towards artists like Frank and me, including by asking that I write these liner notes for their new recording. I feel very honoured. I wish them lots of success, which they deserve for putting so much love and effort into mastering this incredible art form, the art of playing jazz...”

Rossano Sportiello










“…The Coquette Jazz Band is swingin’! They’re playing great arrangements of classic jazz tunes and they’d be great band to dance to also…”

Evan Arntzen

Four Brothers

live Session with Frank Roberscheuten


When Lights Are Low

live Session with Frank Roberscheuten




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